I’m a licensed clinical psychologist and credentialed with National Register of Health Service Psychologists with extensive experience in providing a wide range of psychotherapy services. Philosophically I believe in tackling a specific problem jointly within a specific timeframe.

My particular areas of interest are working with individuals and those caring for others in situations such as:

  • Life Transitions such as adjustment to medical diagnosis, new phases in life or navigating through significant events at work or home – such as loss of job, new parents, parents of young adults, divorce, bereavement, renovation, relocation.

  • Coping with medical diagnosis such as cancer, diabetes, hypertension and other chronic issues

  • Struggling with identity issues – cultural, occupational and creative.

  • Young adults transitioning from adolescence into adulthood, especially if they experience low mood, fear, anxiety or other difficulties as they become accustomed to new expectations, roles, and responsibilities.

  • Depression and other mood disorders.​

My services include:

Individual Therapy ( currently only via telehealth during COVID-19 related crisis )
Group Therapy (not currently offered)

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