Major events and upcoming life transitions can often trigger emotional changes and upheavals – changes in jobs, career shifts, new or old relationships, medical diagnosis, parenting milestones, aging, caring for loved ones, and more.  Often they can leave you feeling stuck, put down, drain your energy, result in poor sleeping patterns or a lack of your typical drive and motivation to get things done. Structured and focused therapy can help you better navigate these life transitions.

It can sometimes be intimidating to consider therapy, and I understand that. I invite you to have an introductory conversation, where we can explore if therapy could be helpful for you at this time to deal with the questions you may have. We can explore the questions, figure out possible therapy options that may make sense, and give you a good sense of what to expect.

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As a psychologist, my practice is informed by current scientific findings in mindfulness research, neuroscience and psychology. I hope to assist you in dealing with changes in your life be it psychological or physical, and to help you make positive changes. Focus & Approach: With an integration of mindfulness, acceptance and cognitive relational paradigm, we can work collaboratively to help you develop and grow, overcome current problems and make progress in many areas of your life.


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